9901 Johnnycake Ridge Rd. | Mentor, OH 44060


I have enjoyed working with everyone in therapy. All of the staff have been very nice, friendly, and helpful.

Bolmer Family

When I first came here I was not in good shape, but I worked hard and was able to achieve my goals with the help of Concord Ridge. The therapy team was amazing, the activities were engaging and the nursing staff were beautiful and helpful. I truly enjoyed my stay here at Concord and more people need to know about this place. I know if I were to ever need help in the future this would be my place of choice.

Patricia L.

My mom is here right now. Previous rehab facilities were pretty on the outside but her care at those places does not compare. My mom's health mentally and physically was declining. The people here are friendly, caring, accommodating and hard-working. Now that my mother is here she is making progress and her chances of returning home have improved. Thank you for all you do.

Megan R.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Concord Ridge during my stay. The experience was truly exceptional, and I found that it was greatly enhanced by the welcoming and friendly staff. Their kindness and sense of humor added an extra layer of enjoyment to my stay, making it truly memorable.

Darryl B.

I have enjoyed working with everyone in therapy. All of the staff have been very nice, friendly, and helpful.

The Bolmer Family

The community at Concord Ridge truly listened to my wants and needs, going above and beyond to make me feel at home. I trusted them wholeheartedly, and now, I'm blossoming into the next phase of my life. My room was always clean, and the residents were wonderful companions. From bingo to card games, the variety of activities kept me engaged and stimulated – something I truly appreciate. Concord Ridge didn't just meet my expectations; they exceeded them.

William H.

I really enjoyed my stay here at Concord Ridge. Physical Therapy was phenomenal and they gave me the push I needed to succeed in my goals. Everyone was exceptionally kind and so nice to me. Any questions I had were answered. Activities were amazing, there were tons of things to do and the girls down there are really fun and humorous. I felt very comfortable here and I would recommend this place to anyone I know.

James M.